LOVEXOK 500 PCS LH Ovulation Test Strips DHL or Fedex Free Shipping
Package::500 Pieces / Lot
Certificate::FDA and CE Certificate
LOVEXOK Ovulation Test Production are manufactured to the highest quality standards with sensitivity at 10mIU/mL-25mIU/mL .They are 100% FDA approved and 99% accurate.

LOVEXOK Rapid LH Ovulation Test (Strip)Colloidal Gold Introduction

                                                For self-testing use only


1. Qualitative result in 5 minutes

2. Sensitivity:10MIU/ml---25MIU/ml

3. 99.96% accuracy

4. Shipping After 8 working days after payment

5. ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA

6. Specimen: Urine

Packaging Details:

1 Test and a desiccant per foil pouch.


Shipping After 8 working days after the receipt of payment

Within three to five minutes, two color bands will appear. Do not read the results after more than ten minutes.

To determine your result, compare the color intensity, i.e. shade of color, lightness or darkness of color, of the test band to the control band. In determining a positive or negative result, it is important to compare the color intensity, for this will indicate whether or not the LH surge (indicating ovulation) is in progress.

1.Positive for the LH Surge
If the test band is of equal or greater intensity (equal or darker) than the control band, this is a positive result and a good indication that the LH surge is occurring.

2. Negative for the LH Surge
If the test band is of lesser intensity (lighter) than the control band or cannot be seen, this means the LH level of the sample is at or near its basal (normal) level and that the LH surge is not in progress.

3. Invalid Result
If no control band appears within ten minutes, the test result is invalid and should be ignored. The control band will not appear if an insufficient volume of specimen is added into the test kit. Proper procedures may not have been followed in performing the test. Repeat with a new test kit.

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